from Benjamin, today :
I can’t believe what I’ve just read on Facebook 😳 This is so painful.
Jose was an extraordinary person. He was the first person who trusted me when I needed a violin for concerts and competitions few years ago, and I’ve played his Testore violin (now called Giuseppe Gagliano) for three years. Thanks to him, I have continued playing the violin and got my Master degree in Paris, at the time where I couldn’t afford buying an instrument of such a quality.
I deeply felt in love with this instrument, and will never forget my first meeting with Jose in Vienna. I slept at his place and the day after he made a visit of the city specially for me : so generous, so altruistic, so honest and cultivated. Unforgettable. I deeply regret I didn’t meet him again. We wrote to each other a few times, and last time was end of February … Can’t believe I’ll never see him. I don’t know who is taking the page from now, but I can only wish you the greatest courage and all my warmest and best thoughts on this difficult period.
Do you know when will be the funerals and where ?
What will happen of the collection (especially this violin, that I was discussing with him since months now to buy) ?
May he rest in peace.
With all my recognition and friendship.
Benjamin, violinist